La Liga 2022 | History, Schedule, top performers, key facts

La Liga

LA Liga 2022

The Campeonato Nacional de Liga de Primera División, commonly known simply as Primera División in Spain, and as La Liga in English-speaking countries and officially as LaLiga Santander for sponsorship reasons, stylized as LaLiga, is the men’s top professional football division of the Spanish football league system.

La Liga is one of the most popular football leagues in the world. It has shown the world the dribbling skills of some of the best football players in the modern era like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

The ‘Copa Del Rey’ was Spain’s national championship, before the La Liga.

Champions League is the top and most popular league in Europe. But in recent years, La Liga perhaps unsurprisingly, comes out on top among the top professional football leagues worldwide. Since 2000, the champions league was won by a Spanish team five times. Other countries like England, Italy three times each, followed by Germany with two titles. If we see the finals, Spain has had seven finals, England has eight, Germany has six, and Italy has four.

La Liga
La Liga 2022

La Liga League Rules

La Liga 2022 tournament will be played in the double round-robin system with 20 participating teams. A total of 20 teams will participate in the La Liga tournament. Each team will play two times against the rest of the teams, hence there will be 38 round-robin league matches. The three teams which stood at the bottom of the table in the La Liga tournament will be released and has to play in the Segunda Division. The winner, runner up, and play-off winner of the Segunda Division will join the La Liga League.

The top four teams in La Liga will get qualified for the Champions League. The team at the 5th position will get a chance to play in Europa League.

History of La Liga Tournment

Till now a total of 62 teams have participated in the La Liga. Real Madrid holds the most number of titles 35, arch-rivals Barcelona holds 26 titles. The last year 2020-21 season, the title was won by Atletico Madrid which is their 11 title all together.

Real Madrid89
Athletic Bilbao89
Atlético Madrid83
Real Sociedad73
Real Betis54
Celta Vigo
La Liga 2022

According to the cumulative number of European titles won, Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Atlético Madrid are among the ten most successful football clubs in Europe. The only Spanish clubs with five or more international trophies are these three groups, along with Sevilla and Valencia.

In the 2021-22 season, Real Madrid won the Championship, in the previous year 2020-21 season Atletico Madrid was the winner, whereas Real Madrid was the runnerup.

La Liga Winners, Runners-up Details

1928-29BarcelonaReal Madrid
1929–30Athletic BilbaoBarcelona
1930–31Athletic BilbaoRacing Santander
1931–32Real MadridAthletic Bilbao
1932–33Real MadridAthletic Bilbao
1933–34Athletic BilbaoReal Madrid
1934–35Real BetisReal Madrid
1935–36Athletic BilbaoReal Madrid
1936–37Canceled due to Civil War
1937–38Canceled due to Civil War
1938–39Canceled due to Civil War
1939–40Atlético AviaciónSevilla
1940–41Atlético AviaciónAthletic Bilbao
1941–42ValenciaReal Madrid
1942–43Athletic BilbaoSevilla
1943–44ValenciaAtlético Aviación
1944–45BarcelonaReal Madrid
1946–47ValenciaAthletic Bilbao
1949–50Atlético MadridDeportivo La Coruña
1950–51Atlético MadridSevilla
1951–52BarcelonaAthletic Bilbao
1953–54Real MadridBarcelona
1954–55Real MadridBarcelona
1955–56Athletic BilbaoBarcelona
1956–57Real MadridSevilla
1957–58Real MadridAtlético Madrid
1958–59BarcelonaReal Madrid
1959–60BarcelonaReal Madrid
1960–61Real MadridAtlético Madrid
1961–62Real MadridBarcelona
1962–63Real MadridAtlético Madrid
1963–64Real MadridBarcelona
1964–65Real MadridAtlético Madrid
1965–66Atlético MadridReal Madrid
1966–67Real MadridBarcelona
1967–68Real MadridBarcelona
1968–69Real MadridLas Palmas
1969–70Atlético MadridAthletic Bilbao
1971–72Real MadridValencia
1972–73Atlético MadridBarcelona
1973–74BarcelonaAtlético Madrid
1974–75Real MadridZaragoza
1975–76Real MadridBarcelona
1976–77Atlético MadridBarcelona
1977–78Real MadridBarcelona
1978–79Real MadridSporting de Gijón
1979–80Real MadridReal Sociedad
1980–81Real SociedadReal Madrid
1981–82Real SociedadBarcelona
1982–83Athletic BilbaoReal Madrid
1983–84Athletic BilbaoReal Madrid
1984–85BarcelonaAtlético Madrid
1985–86Real MadridBarcelona
1986–87Real MadridBarcelona
1987–88Real MadridReal Sociedad
1988–89Real MadridBarcelona
1989–90Real MadridValencia
1990–91BarcelonaAtlético Madrid
1991–92BarcelonaReal Madrid
1992–93BarcelonaReal Madrid
1993–94BarcelonaDeportivo La Coruña
1994–95Real MadridDeportivo La Coruña
1995–96Atlético MadridValencia
1996–97Real MadridBarcelona
1997–98BarcelonaAthletic Bilbao
1998–99BarcelonaReal Madrid
1999–2000Deportivo La CorunaBarcelona
2000–01Real MadridDeportivo La Coruña
2001–02ValenciaDeportivo La Coruña
2002–03Real MadridReal Sociedad
2004–05BarcelonaReal Madrid
2005–06BarcelonaReal Madrid
2006–07Real MadridBarcelona
2007–08Real MadridVillarreal
2008–09BarcelonaReal Madrid
2009–10BarcelonaReal Madrid
2010–11BarcelonaReal Madrid
2011–12Real MadridBarcelona
2012–13BarcelonaReal Madrid
2013–14Atlético MadridBarcelona
2014–15BarcelonaReal Madrid
2015–16BarcelonaReal Madrid
2016–17Real MadridBarcelona
2017–18BarcelonaAtlético Madrid
2018-19BarcelonaAtlético Madrid
2019-20Real MadridBarcelona
2020-21Atletico MadridReal Madrid
2021-22Real MadridFC Barcelona
La Liga Winner and Runner up Details

FIFA 2022 World Cup, Qatar

The FIFA World Cup 2022 will be commencing on 20th November 2022 in Qatar. A total of 32 countries from different continents are going to participate in this edition. From Europe, Spain is one of the participating country in this world cup. In view of relieving the players for the world cup, the La Liga 2022 tournament will be given a break. Players will be joining their national teams to participate in the world cup.

Capacity of La Liga stadiums

Camp Nou, the home stadium for Barcelona has a seating capacity of 99354. Eibar’s home stadium Ipurua has the least seating capacity of 8050. For the whole league, the average seating capacity is 36,104.

Key Players in the History of La Liga

Lionel Messi is the leading goal scorer in La Liga. He has shooted 438 goals in Barcelona in 2020. Messi is the one and only player who scored 50 goals in a season.

Cristiano Ronaldo is the second leading scorer in La Liga with 311 goals in Real Madrid with 292 appearances.

Other prominent goal scorers in the La Liga league are Hugo Sanches,  Raul, and Alfredo Di Stefano.

Goalkeeper Andoni Zubizarreta is the player with the most appearances in La Liga with 622 match appearances. He has played mostly for FC Barcelona, next player with the most appearance in La Liga to him is the Raúl of Real Madrid with 550 matches.

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